Hello again! Teddy here!

I know we saw each other not so long ago, but we have a situation that needs our undivided attention.

Turns out that the evil creature we saw last time is still wondering the Cyberfables World and he is not giving anyone a rest. We know that he is a threat and we aren't even sure if he is alone.

I really don't feel safe knowing that this guy is around, sneaking up on us. It's time to take matters into our own hands - we need to go after him, and most importantly, we need to stop him!

So what can we do? Where do we start?

First, it's really important that we take the time to learn about the world that's around us. We need to know exactly where we are and who is here with us. This isn't just about curiosity, this is really about security!

Cyber Explorer

What are we really looking at? When you're connected to the internet, you are connected to a Network - a network is a collection of connected Devices (phones, computers, printers, etc). Each of these devices is identified by its unique address: IP (Internet Protocol).

The internet itself is a big network that connects millions of people through millions and millions of devices.

Home Sweet Home

If you think of a Network as a World, you can either be in a world you know or in a whole new one. When you're in your World, you feel more comfortable because you're already familiar with it - you know your way around, you know a reasonable amount of people and, most importantly, you know its dangers.

Now think about the first time you traveled to Cyberfables. As this is a place you've never been before, you get curious and you want to explore it but, at the same time you can feel overwhelmed and a bit terrified as you know basically nothing about this new place and don't have any clues about the dangers out there.

Well, it works in the same way in the digital world. If you're at home, you have control (to a certain extent) of who's sharing your network with you and which devices are connected to it. However, when you're connected to a network you know nothing about (Internet Cafe, for example), you don't know with whom you're sharing the connection or their intentions towards you.

Now, let's head back to the Cyberfables World. It's time to start analyzing what is happening. Before taking on the World, shall we start with your Home Network? We want to make sure that evil creature is not spying on us at this very moment.

Friend or Foe?

Our first results just got here! Do this devices look familiar to you?

Some of the devices you should recognize right away as belonging to you. We will call these devices trusted. Keep in mind that you should only mark a device as trusted if you are absolutely sure that it is yours. By doing this, if you happen find a device that's not familiar to you or that wasn't found before and you don't know for sure where it came from, you'll immediately notice it. This is an untrusted device.

Sometimes it's not obvious how to identify a device. But you already learned what identifies a device unmistakably, remember? Yes, I am talking about its IP address. By learning a device's IP address, you can easily check if it's yours or not.

Here are some hints on how to do this:

Cyber Explorer

Let's not forget our sneaky little enemy out there. If he or one of his friends find a way to use your network.. Oh boy, you can smell trouble coming your way.

Look at him! He doesn't look like he is up to anything good.. So what can he be planning? Well, this can go many ways, but let's focus on two for now.
With the right information, an attacker can use your IP address to attack another network and make it look like the attack came from you. A man-in-the-middle attack happens when an attacker alters a communication between two parties or simply listens to it in order to collect information.

Now think about this. If this is relatively easy for an attacker to do in a private network, imagine what he can do in a public network. He could access the network as you do and you don't even realize that you're at risk until it's too late.

What to do?

First of all, you need to be "selective" when connecting to networks you don't know. You need to be careful with the type of information you share while using that network - for example, you should never access your e-banking or make payments with a credit card.

In case of your home network, you should protect it with a strong password. If you see a device connected to it that you don't know or that should not be there, you might consider changing your Wi-fi password.


Now that you are aware of these situations, you will for sure be more careful with the kind of information you share in a public network.
As for the Cyberfables world, you'll get rewards as you move forward on our quests. I am not going to tell you where they are hidden, you'll have to explore and collect them.
In our next adventures you'll learn more and more about the dangers out there and how to protect yourself.
Taking this challenge with you, definitely made it more fun and less terrifying!

Hope to see you soon!