I'm Teddy! I'll be your companion in this story.

So you can learn a little about me, first I would like to tell you why I was created.
In the world of Cyberfables, just like in your world, there are many monsters and villains, not only in the streets but also in the Internet. They are well hidden, they're sneaky, they don't announce themselves.. until they attack you, which is often too late.

You don’t want to be attacked, do you? Our physical safety is as important as our digital one. I’m here to be your bodyguard in the digital world. I mean... I don't want to brag, but I'm kind of a Superhero!

Now, let's take this seriously. I find it very important to be protected at all times and the best way to protect yourself is by being aware of the dangers around you and learn how to defend yourself. Well, I'm here to do just that.

By going on different quests together, I will teach you amazing techniques that will help you (and I) grow. As much fun as this is, it will also be a journey and we have a lot to overcome and a lot to learn.

Now.. are you ready to take on this challenge with me?

The world of Cyberfables will be presented to you in different Chapters. In each chapter we will have a quest about a cybersecurity topic.

Think about this.
First we will get to know the world around us (yes, us. You and I are a team now!) and after we are all grown up we will learn how to break codes. We will even go after stolen treasures! I mean... Could it get any better than this?

And you know that the best part is? Each time we learn something new we will get a badge for it! Some of the badges are well hidden and we will have to work together to find them. But isn't it worth it? We can make a real collection out of it!
Look at this one, can I get any cuter?

Have you ever wondered what is REALLY around you in the digital world? Who can see the things you see? Who can even see you? Well, I have. And while wondering the Cyberfables world I came across this.

Wow! Those are some big, bright, scary eyes! All I know is that they have been haunting the cyber world but I can't stop wondering to whom they belong... . Is it a friend? Is it a foe? Does he mean to harm anyone? Or is he just a creepy looking guy? Well, I guess we'll have to find out!

Talking about this really got me thinking... You know who would be perfect to go with me on this adventure? You! I know it's scary in the beginning but I'm sure we make a pretty good team! And don't we look good in this picture, ready to defeat our first cyber enemy together?

Now, our first quest is going to be an easy one as we don't want to bite right away something that we can't chew. But be aware, not everything is what it looks like - we have to be smart and careful. In the end of the day, we don't want to get ourselves in any trouble.

Please keep in mind that this is just the first of many quests. We have to prepare you really well so you can feel safe when going online and that takes time, patience and perseverance. We don't want you get all scared, instead we want you to be aware of the dangers that can be just around the corner. We want to get you all ready for the cyber world but at the same time, it has to be fun for both of us so I'll personally make sure that we have some gaming going on in here!

As a final remark I would like to say that this is the first release of Cyberfables, and it's not only you and me that have challenges to overcome. My creators have worked hard to give me life and it has been a real-life journey to get here (a really fun one). Nevertheless, they think they can make the Cyberfables world even better but for that they need your help. If you have any ideas for me and my world, we would very much love to get your feedback!

I hope to see you soon in the Cyberfables world!